Grasslands of Amdo

This can be done as a week-long trip with an easy trek from Rebkong to Wendo in Amdo. On the first day we will visit… Read more →

Zhiduo, home of wild animals, and the source of the Yellow and Yangzi rivers

Yushu was identified as the source of the three rivers head water nature reserve and Zhiduo is a region with the highest elevation in Yushu,… Read more →

Rawuk Tso alpine lake

Rawuk Tso is a high alpine lake situated 2 days drive east of Lhasa. at the south-eastern end of the ¬†Kangri Karpo Mountains ¬†– the… Read more →

Holy lake Yilung Latsho

A hard choice, as there as so many lakes in Tibet! But a real gem is Yilung Latsho, a holy lake in the Kham region… Read more →