Tibetan cooking class

Tibetan Family Kitchen is located upstairs from the Tibet Highland Tours office. Tibetan Family Kitchen offers excellent authentic-style Tibetan food including tsampa, momo dumplings, noodles,… Read more →

Tibetan Medicinal Herb Journey

Travel in Eastern Tibet and learn how to identify medicinal plants with the help of a local herbal healer (Amchi) and learn how Tibetan traditional… Read more →

Village life

The villages in the surroundings of Gyalthang, Nishi, Punzera and Dechen – as well as in the southern parts of Yunnan, are the best to… Read more →

Yaks and butter tea trek

Tsurphu is a secluded monastery near Lhasa which seems much further away, at the end of a lovely, green valley. From Tsurphu there is a… Read more →

Walking around Barkhor Square

I love the close contact with the Tibetan pilgrims from all over Tibet, rubbing shoulders with them, the scent of the juniper from the incense… Read more →

Lhasa ancient pilgrimage circuit

In the hills just to the north of Lhasa is an ancient pilgrimage circuit that starts at Phabongkha, a temple dating from the 7th century… Read more →