Nangchen the ancient kingdom

Nangchen, is a county of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southernmost Qinghai province. The county seat is Xangda, built in a side valley and on… Read more →

Beautiful cave murals in West Tibet

We are the only company in Tibet that specializes in art tours. Many caves in West Tibet have murals from the 11th to 17th century…. Read more →

Lakes and Mountains

This unusual and rewarding tour combines some of the most dramatic landscapes and sacred retreat areas in Tibet. This trip loops through the high and… Read more →

Classic Amdo, A cultural adventure through Eastern Tibet

Explore the cultural and nomadic regions of undiscovered Eastern Tibet. Travel to the shores of a stunning turquoise lake, visit nomads herding yaks and sheep,… Read more →

Famous printing press

My favorite place is Derge Parkhang, the great ancient printing press where the great Xylographic books were produced ¬†for the entire Tibetan plateau as well… Read more →

Kora of Ganden Monastery

This is one of the most beautiful walks near Lhasa, a lovely drive through green countryside and traditional villages to get to Ganden and away… Read more →

The Drigung Valley

The Drigung Valley; about 150kms and 2hrs drive out of Lhasa, is one my favorite places in Tibet. ¬†Drigung is a beautiful alpine valley with… Read more →

Phenpo, an incredible valley

Directly north of Lhasa is Phenpo, an incredible valley system nearly as large as the Lhasa Valley but far less developed, and similar to what… Read more →