The Tibet Green Map is an initiative designed to link travelers with local community activities, interesting sites and local Tibetan tour operators that can provide tour services for travelers.  Each site or activity listed on the map is linked to a Tibetan tour operator that can facilitate travel services to that area.

If you have a site or great experience that you’d recommend to other travelers – lets us know as we’d love to list more sites on the map.


Origins of the Tibet Green Map site

For years many of us working in the Tibet sustainable tourism field have been frustrated by the lack of travel information about Tibet and the lack of a clear directory of locally owned and operated businesses. One of the most common questions asked on Tibet travel forums is “How can I find a reputable local Tibetan owned business where I know my money is going to the local Tibetan community and I am going to get a local Tibetan guide on my trip to Tibet?”  This question is usually followed by “What else is their to do in Tibet once I’ve seen the Potala Palace and Mt Everest!?” The vision for this website grew out of this demand.

The Tibet Green Map aims to help inspire and educate Tibet travelers about places to go within Tibet and link you to local Tibetan tour companies. Many people don’t realise that there is far more to the Tibetan plateau than just Lhasa and Mt Everest. The eastern regions of Amdo and Kham have incredible culture and environment and plenty to offer the adventurous traveler. We hope our site helps connect you with an incredible experience in Tibet.

Tashi Delek and safe travels…

The Tibet Green Map website team


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